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Reading And Sign Language's path of reaching for the dream to help Deaf and Hard of Hearing students all over the world

Back in the day of VHS video cameras, there was a little door that opened to a little bitty keyboard...  then came the TitleMaker for $400 (saw it in a Videomaker magazine and couldn't resist)... then came enough savings to access Apple's iMovie and Adobe Premiere and pay a tutor to learn how to edit... all the while there were Deaf and hearing people willing to help make awesome videos to increase learning successes for Deaf readers... that has been the path of reaching for a dream... 

Forever grateful to video instructor @HallDavidson for showing us the little bitty keyboard at the very end of a Professional Development workshop in nineteen eighty nine =)!

If you are still reading "About Us" there is much more to share = ).  For decades on up to the present day, a wish expressed to anyone willing to listen is to speak with Ms. Oprah Winfrey for five minutes.  At the end of five minutes Ms. Winfrey may be inspired to consider a hook up for all things necessary to provide Deaf children, parents and teachers throughout the world with digital and print media.  Seeing new attitudes towards learning and increases in successes is remarkable and it would be wonderful to share tools and ideas!  Is somebody dialing Ms. Winfrey right now!?!  Would love five minutes... 



WjayD Productions

Joys in creating captioned, sign language media to support Deaf readers, parents and colleagues is done in memory of first Deaf friend WJD, born in 1962 and a graduate of American School for the Deaf in West Hartford, Connecticut!  ILY Vayne ha ha!  Miss you and Grandma Brown’s strudel  = )

So fortunate to meet you and your family so many years ago...and somebody give John C. a big hello & a hug! 

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