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Deaf Reading Strategies - Captioned sign language support for deaf readers

Coming soon - See Twitter announcements @ReadAndSignLang for parents & DHH colleagues who serve Deaf readers & writers

Coming soon - Captioned Sign Language Strategy and  Prompt Cards & Specially Designed Flash Cards

Available or Coming Soon

Materials with prompts to Read, Fingerspell, Think, Trace, Unscramble Letters & Write. Reading And Sign Language Videos support many of the materials.

See progress before your very eyes!  Interact with free Reading And Sign Language Videos then use activities to support learning.

Flash Cards & Captioned, Sign Language Cards with Signers

Supports Deaf readers at home and school, parents & school personnel.  Great for partner learning, pocket charts & bulletin boards!  Free Reading And Sign Language videos supplement the Flash Cards and Sign Cards  = )

Coming soon - Information for schools & programs serving Deaf readers & writers

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